How ratepayers vote in the next few weeks will, we believe, largely be dependent on how ratepayers respond to the following question:

How well has this current council and councillors handled:

  • Planning?
  • Traffic?
  • Open space?
  • Consultation?
  • Tree retention?
  • Rates?
  • Advocating for the community?

If there is the view that the above long standing issues have not been improved, and have even become worse, then logically what is required is a total clean out of the standing incumbents and the election of councillors who will dedicate themselves totally to changing the current strategies, policies, and processes of this council.

As we’ve previously stated, half of these incumbents have been there for eons.

Esakoff – since 2003 continuously (apart from being sacked for a few months in 2005)

Magee – since 2008 continuously

Athanasopolous – since 2016

Ann-Marie Cade – since 2018 on a count back win of a few hundred votes

Please remember this:

  • All voted for structure plans that included 12 storey height limits
  • All voted for the Integrated Transport Policy which suggests reducing parking requirements in activity centres
  • All voted for rate increase(s) – the longest serving councillors for up to 6.5% per annum
  • All voted for meeting procedures that limit public questions
  • All voted for 3000 apartments in East Village
  • All accept at various times without question, substandard officer reports
  • All voted to become more and more in debt and borrowing $60M plus

These are just some of the major decisions which have had, and will continue to have, a detrimental effect on many, many people in this community. Can we afford another 4 years of more of the same?