The following Media Release in our view exemplifies everything that is wrong with Glen Eira City Council. It typifies the secrecy, failure to inform much less consult, and the complete over-riding of resident aspirations. The inequity which is the Housing Diversity and Minimal Change areas are now ostensibly cemented via this announcement and it has been done without even the courtesy of informing the public. At the time of writing there is nothing on Council’s website. Councillors who silently sat by and allowed this to happen must be called to account.

PS: As an example of the deviousness of this council, we alert readers to the public questions which raised these issues and the blatantly dishonest answers. It is inconceivable that Council did not know what it claims not to have known, designed, and implemented.

“This evening 1 July, 2013 there was a news item on the 7p.m. news which featured a story about the new residential zone reforms in this state. It was stated that the Boroondara Council along with Glen Eira were the first two councils to be implementing these new residential zones.
Could you please explain to me why residents in this municipality have to learn these things via the media?
1. Has this council already submitted an amendment of the draft to the Minister? If this is the case then why were residents not told anything of the change?
2. The City of Boroondara has had this amendment C108 for discussion since March. What consultation is this council planning to carry out?”
The Mayor read Council’s response. He said:
“Council is not responsible for what is broadcast on any news program. Council does not know why the ABC reporter chose to mention Glen Eira, any more than we know why a similar story in today’s Age nominated neighbourhoods in Stonnington and Boroondara as the first to come under the new zones but did not mention Glen Eira. It demonstrates that you can’t always fully trust what you hear or read in the media, although, of course, the media is far more reliable than an anonymous blog.

Council has not submitted an amendment of the draft to the Minister. Boroondara City Council’s Amendment C108 proposes to apply planning controls to neighbourhood activity centres, which are shopping strips, and to enterprise
corridors, which are mixed commercial areas. It implements strategies and plans adopted or amended in 2011, and has nothing to do with the new residential zones. Council has not yet decided what consultation will be carried out in relation to the residential zones.”

Question 2 – “Given the significance of the proposed Residential Zone Reforms, when will council begin its public consultation on the introduction of the zones into the Glen Eira municipality?”

“Council has not yet decided.”

Question 3: (July 23rd, 2013)

“Will Council be undertaking community consultation on the residential zone reforms?”
The Mayor read Council’s response. He said:
“The extent of consultation would depend on the extent of any departures from the current Housing Diversity/Minimal Change arrangements and that is not known at this time.”

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