It was a marathon meeting tonight which we will report upon in detail in the coming days. However Glen Eira continues to be run by the Newton acolytes and hanger-ons such as Lobo and Sounness. There is no prize for guessing who voted against council finally embracing what every other council in the state has such as Notice of Motion. Democratic process and respect for community views are dead in Glen Eira thanks to Lipshutz, Hyams, Esakoff, Okotel, Lobo and Sounness who voted against Delahunty’s motion. Her support came from Magee and Pilling.

Delahunty’s attempts to right the wrongs of the Right of Reply, as well as engendering public participation into Public Questions also failed. Lipshutz even attempted to have an amendment which called for public questions NOT to be recorded in the minutes. This fortunately did not get up.

But perhaps the most telling and reprehensible action by Hyams Lipshutz and Esakoff occurred early on when Delahunty asked for an extension of time to deliver her argument. These three voted against the time extension. Unheard of and definitely the first time in living memory that anyone has sunk so low as to deny the mover of a motion the opportunity to present their reasoning in full.