Council is clinging desperately to its myth that the new zones are a ‘neutral translation’ of the past. According to their version of history, nothing is different. Well, much is different we say. The number of permits granted since the zones came in have skyrocketed and it’s not due to developers trying to get their ambit applications in before the gazetting of the amendment so that the ‘old’ rules would apply. Nothing is the same under the new zones. The staggering increase of four storey applications for quiet residential streets is a new phenomenon – thanks to the zones. The number of amended permits seeking higher and greater numbers of dwellings is also ‘new’. The current trend of selling multiple blocks of land in order to build bigger and denser apartment blocks is also new. The number of residents getting out of Glen Eira because their streets are becoming the slums of the future is also new. Everything has changed and in our view, to the detriment of thousands upon thousands of residents.

It’s therefore interesting to see in today’s Leader this little ‘clarification’ –

UntitledWe have to ask:

  • What pressure was put on The Leader to insert this token ‘correction’?
  • Isn’t it news that the old system ‘permitted buildings of up to five storeys’ when we are repeatedly told that there were no height limits in the past?
  • Will Council’s reach ever extend to silence real estate agents when they disclose the truth?