Evidence is steadily mounting that the rate of over development is directly attributable to the introduction of the new residential zones. Council can continue bleating its ridiculous claims that all was possible before. The facts tell a different storey. Certain things may have been ‘possible’ before, but they didn’t occur except on the very rare occasion and generally in Carnegie. Now, with the introduction of the new zones this represents an open invitation to developers to ‘go for it’!

The latest evidence of this comes from 332 Neerim Road, Carnegie. An application went in on the 19/4/2013 – well before the zones were gazetted – for a THREE STOREY BUILDING AND 9 APARTMENTS. The permit was granted. Then on the 18/11/2013 (after the new zones) there is this new application –

Construction of a four (4) storey building comprising twenty six (26) dwellings above a basement car park; Reduction of the requirement for visitor parking; and Alteration of access to a Road Zone Category 1

The land is roughly 1100 square metres and of course a permit was granted.

We repeat – development and overdevelopment has everything to do with the generosity of this council to developers and its indifference to residents living in GRZ, RGZ zones.