Crs Lobo/Delahunty

That a report be prepared outlining the number of new dwellings approved in the General Residential Zones and Residential Growth Zones. This report also to include the number of dwellings pending approval since they were created by the previous government. That the report show this information broken down by location. That the report also show a comparison to a previous relevant period.

The MOTION was put and CARRIED unanimously.

LOBO: said that the report is ‘self explanatory’ and he is ‘looking forward to the report’.

DELAHUNTY: said council could ‘make more use of the data’ and see the ‘comparative period’.

HYAMS: cautioned against ‘misinterpreting the information’ because if there is ‘a large number of dwellings being approved in certain areas’ then this isn’t ‘the result of any one factor’. Also ‘more buildings are being approved all over Melbourne’.