Here’s a brief rundown of council decisions this evening:

  • Tree Register ‘abandoned’ – moved Lipshutz. Final vote in favour of ‘abandonment’ was – Lipshutz, Esakoff, Lobo, Magee, Okotel. Voting against – Delahunty, Pilling, Sounness, Hyams
  • Virginia Estate Amendment – voted in unanimously with much grandstanding by Magee and others.
  • Glen Huntly Road – 6 storey, 117 units – permit. Voting for Delahunty, Sounness, Okotel, Magee, Pilling, Lipshutz. Voting against – Lobo, Esakoff, Hyams
  • Amendment to ‘legalise’ office use at 305 Kooyong Road. Motion put by Sounness and Lipshutz. Motion lost and new motion to abandon amendment put up by Hyams won out.

We will report on each of the above in full in the next few days.