Wednesday night’s agenda items feature more planning applications that deserve to be highlighted. Officer reports recommend

  • The demolition of two houses within a Heritage Overlay in Ormond and the construction of attached 2 two storey modern buildings across two sites. The report itself is unsurprisingly short on detail and short on justification.
  • Permits for another 56 dwellings for two applications – both in Neighbourhood Centres and not activity centres. Once again notification is minimal, but objections high. For the Heritage demolition only 8 properties were notified and 38 objections received.
  • Not one statistic to support such statements as: Traffic generated by the development would not have a major impact on the operation and function of Neerim Road and the surrounding road network.
  • Demanding increased setbacks for second and third level storeys that are outside council’s own planning scheme. An open invitation we believe for VCAT to reject such conditions. If council wanted increased setbacks then that should have been included within the new zones schedules. It wasn’t!
  • Of the 56 proposed new dwellings NOT ONE is a three bedroom apartment. So much for demanding ‘diversity’ in building!
  • A new childcare policy that’s to go to a planning panel but with important deletions from the current policy as pointed out by objectors – Disagree with deleting the objective to “ensure adequate provision for onsite car parking and drop off areas”. Disagree with deleting of car parking clause relating to provision of clear sight lines when entering and exiting.
  • Hyams and Esakoff still editing the minutes from Records of Assembly with such comments as – “unnecessary detail” and “amend wording”.

 PS: In the officer’s report for the demolition of 4 Beatty Cresc., Ormond there is this statement: Council’s Heritage Advisor has identified that the existing dwelling is not contributory to the Ormond Precinct Environs.

Once again accuracy does not appear to be a high priority in Glen Eira. The 1996 Heritage Plan, Volume 2, states clearly that this site IS CONTRIBUTORY to the overall Heritage area. Below is a screen dump of the relevant information.