Minister rejects inappropriate growth zones for Bayside

10 April 2015

Bayside City Council welcomed the Minister for Planning’s decision on 9 April 2015 not to proceed with Draft Amendment C125 that would see Residential Growth Zones applied to areas of Highett, Cheltenham, Hampton East & Brighton East.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Felicity Frederico said that the abandonment of the Draft Amendment was the outcome residents and Council were seeking.

“The long awaited decision to abandon these proposals for inappropriate Residential Growth Zone is a great outcome for our community,” Cr Frederico said.

“The proposal to apply Residential Growth Zone in areas around train stations along the Frankston line was only undertaken at the direction of the office for the former Minister for Planning.

“In the lead up to last year’s state election the former Government indicated that they would no longer require the application of these high-growth zones in Bayside and Council is pleased that the new Minister has made a clear resounding decision to reject the proposal.

The abandonment of Amendment C125 means that the General Residential Zone will be retained in these areas of Highett, Cheltenham and Hampton East in line with similar locations in Brighton, Hampton and Sandringham.

“Under the Bayside Housing Strategy areas close to public transport hubs are identified as being the most appropriate areas for growth and development,” Cr Frederico said.

“Maintaining General Residential Zone in these areas also provides surety for residents, particularly in Highett, that the existing development overlays which have been in place for many years will remain along with the General Residential Zone.

“The Minister’s decision to support the abandonment of inappropriate growth controls in these areas is a win for Council and the community who lobbied hard to ensure that development in these areas is more in line with community expectations.”


We’ve also uploaded the Planning Panel Report HERE. Readers should note the strong emphases on STRUCTURE PLANNING (endorsed by the Panel). Once again we ask: where are you councillors?