There has been much hand wringing by our councillors regarding what is occurring in Neerim Road, Carnegie. Many crocodile tears have been shed and many comments regarding parking, infrastructure, overall capacity, etc. For all the words, nothing has been done, much less achieved – except more and more development. In fact, a kilometre or so of Neerim Road represents the entire new dwelling numbers for Glen Eira – pre zones. Thus one road, one suburb, and thousands of residents have had to carry the burden of a year’s supply of new dwellings. This single road, even post zones and development everywhere, is responsible for close to one-third of new dwellings in the entire municipality. Add what’s happening in Truganini and Carnegie is well and truly the sacrificial lamb. This is the insane legacy of Newton, Akehurst and his lackey, compliant councillors!

Below we feature several stretches of Neerim Road, and the number of units that have been approved for development – where previously there generally was one single house. There are other stretches of road we haven’t included since these screen dumps should give readers a fair idea of what has, and is, occurring. Two of the numbers cited have been refused by council – but given the zoning and the pro-development agenda – we are pretty confident that the developers will go to VCAT and get their wishes. We would also bet, that of these hundreds and hundreds of units, less than 1% would be three bedroom apartments. But as Hyams has stated – ‘diversity’ is not for ‘individual dwellings’ but for the municipality as a whole!




PS: From a Carnegie resident – a letterbox drop. And Council still wants residents to believe that all this development has nothing whatsoever to do with the zones!