Having been handed everything they want on a silver platter by Council, the MRC and its agents, still want more. They have lodged an objection to council’s approval of the outdoor cinema (see below). We find this quite extraordinary for a variety of reasons –

  • The then Department (which has now morphed into something entirely different) in its ‘approval’ was unequivocal in that permission was conditional on three things – the existence of a lease; the nominated site for the screen lie within the leased area and, that the Trustees sign off on the application.
  • As far as we know, no new lease has yet been signed; it is questionable who or what department is the ‘land manager’ and if the Trustees even know what the hell is going on. Their website has disappeared and our glorious council reps have been noticeably silent on everything to do with the trustees – except declare conflicts of interest only when they feel like it!
  • The government has done nothing since the Auditor General’s report – except pour in more and more money to racing – ie their donation of $1m for the four storey screen in front of the grandstand.

According to the objection, the MRC now seeks to do what it wants, when it wants and for as long as it wants. If they feel like it, they can hold as many functions as possible ‘simultaneously’ with the cinema, combined with drinking, and commercialising crown land until 1am all year round. The question now becomes – will Council fight this at VCAT, or will they cave in as they have repeatedly done in the past?

We invite readers to revisit the post we put up when approval for the cinema was decided by Council (https://gleneira.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/the-mrc-cinema/). The hypocrisy and inconsistency of councillors is astounding. When literally hours can be spent on ‘debating’ whether or not the McKinnon Bowls Club should be allowed to ‘commercialise’ one of their greens (ie public land) and hence save a club from going under, and to then simply turn around and allow the MRC to ‘commercialise’ crown land, beggars belief. Of course, the real issue with McKinnon in our view is ‘internal’ – ie mates versus officers’ control. The common factor in both issues, is that neither has anything to do with public benefit!

There are other strange goings on too. According to council’s planning register, there are 4 applications for subdivision for the Caulfield Village site. Please note that the ‘address’ is now North Caulfield and no longer the arguably less ‘prestigious’ Caulfield East. What’s concerning about these applications is that the TOTAL subdivision number is 468. Council only approved 463 dwellings. Thus, why the additional 5 dwellings? Either the planning register is a total stuff up (not unusual) or there is much happening behind the scenes once again.

Outdoor Cinema VCAT Appeal0001 Outdoor Cinema VCAT Appeal0001