The following two pages appear in the agenda items for Tuesday night’s council meeting. They pinpoint very clearly the sheer incompetence of this administration and its councillors – plus the ongoing ‘born to rule’ mentality of the MRC. Many issues need to be investigated and fully reported on – namely:

  • What has Council done in the past 4 years to ensure that the Clayton’s ‘agreement’ is in fact bona fide and worth the paper it is written on?
  • Council in 2011 published an ‘agreement’ signed only by Newton. Why wasn’t this countersigned by the MRC or Trustees? What actions, if any, did council undertake to ensure this occurred?
  • What representations, if any, has council and/or councillors made to MPs following the Auditor-General’s report?
  • Were councillors told prior to Newton signing the non-existent ‘agreement’ that this still required the MRC’s signature?
  • What further ‘information’ is likely to ‘come to hand’?
  • What is the nature of the ‘discussions’ that have taken place between Council (and whoever was involved) and the MRC in the past 2 years? Why has there not been a single report tabled in regard to such meetings?
  • We have been informed that the MRC is currently creating a Master Plan for the centre of the Racecourse? What involvement has council had with this? If none, then why not? If yes, then why the ‘secrecy’?


We can only conclude from all this that:

  • there is NO AGREEMENT!
  • that residents have been dudded
  • that administration and councillors have allowed this situation to drag on to the detriment of all.

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