A resident wrote to all councillors complaining about the lack of adequate parking in the Carnegie shopping centre. Issues highlighted were:

  • Use of car parking spots by tradies and developers thereby reducing those areas available for shoppers
  • Increase in restaurants thus bringing in more people and more cars
  • Traders’ concerns about lack of sufficient clientele parking which is therefore impacting on their businesses.

Council, via Mayor Magee, provided the following response. Please note carefully:

  • The ‘solution’ that shoppers should resort to walking, cycling, and car sharing! Too bad about all the elderly who are unable to walk, cycle, or car share!
  • The woeful self promotion instead of responding directly to the resident’s claims
  • The failure of councillors to initiate any positive action and their abysmal willingness to sign any crap that is put under their noses!

Some other considerations:

  • How many parking fines have been issued to developers in this area?
  • When was the last time a ‘traffic survey’ was undertaken and why, oh why, is it ‘traders’ responsibility to work out ‘solutions’?
  • When was the last time any decent statistics were published by council on parking in general?
  • Why, when the planning scheme states that property will be bought and turned into car parks council has failed to purchase one single property. Rather they have granted council car parking land to developers in exchange for a toilet which is still not there (ie Centre Road, East Bentleigh)!
  • Readers should also note how this response typifies the modus operandi of this Council – how to fob off residents with what can only be described as total and insulting nonsense.

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