PS: We’ve been alerted to several new petitions now online seeking a review of zoning in Carnegie as well as Mimosa Road. The petitions are also to go to the Minister as well as Council. We urge all readers to sign –

Whatever ‘action’ this wonderful council decides upon it can never make up for the loss of 90+ trees on the Frogmore site. Whatever action this council pursues can never make up for the fact that a building worthy of local heritage listing was demolished and residents were never given the opportunity to present their views at a so called ‘independent’ planning panel. Whatever action this council now takes can never make up for decades of neglect in regards to trees on private property that are razed with or without permission. Frogmore just happens to be the biggest individual act of vandalism in recent times – aided and abetted by councillors and not just the 3 councillors who made this happen. Esakoff’s and Delahunty’s spurious conflict of interest claims will be long remembered. Magee? Well we have some doubts as to his non-appearance for the vote!

It would be fascinating to know:

  • Of the near 2000 planning applications that come in each year, how many officer reports determine that at least one tree should be retained on the property?
  • How many fines for removal of trees has council imposed in the past 10 years?
  • How many prosecutions have taken place?
  • How many permits have been amended so that trees can be removed?