Readers may remember the Kangaroo Road application for the extension of a physiotherapy practice from 2 practitioners to 5 practitioners. It just happens that this practice in Kangaroo Road, Murrumbeena is owned by the husband of one of Glen Eira’s Strategic Planners. The applicant for this application was a former planning officer at Glen Eira.

The officers recommended a permit, but councillors knocked it back. The primary reason is that according to council’s planning scheme (non-residential uses in residential zones) such permits should only be granted for dwellings on major roads. Kangaraoo Road is NOT DESIGNATED as a major road and was the major stumbling block in receiving a permit.

Well, lo and behold, if council isn’t NOW doing a traffic survey of the street. Coincidence? Or is this an attempt to change the status of Kangaroo Road and make it possible for the application to get approval? When other residents wait for years to have their streets monitored, it is truly amazing that this road suddenly comes out of the woodwork. Thus, if Kangaroo Road now joins the ‘big league’ of major roads, all obstacles to the permit disappear. Or even if an amended permit comes in, readers should remember that these applications usually do not go to council but officers make that decision! How convenient!

So questions galore with this one –

  • After years and years of neglect, suddenly there is the need for a traffic assessment?
  • If the owner of the property was anyone else but a staff member’s husband and the applicant a former employee would this administration run out and do a traffic report for ordinary Joe Citizen?
  • Why can’t the applicant simply go to VCAT – or would this bring out all the potential dirty linen as to how a permit for a physio centre was granted in the first place?