True to form, the MRC continues with its money making ventures to the detriment of local residents – ably supported by council, by government, and by the pen pushers in the department. The latest outrages are:

  • Another rock concert in early December
  • This in combination with the month long circus
  • Another appeal by the MRC to VCAT over council’s refusal on the 30 plus radio towers
  • The department’s (and government’s) collusion in more compliance with MRC wishes
  • The failure to publish agenda items and minutes for the last Trustee meeting – despite the Auditor General’s report
  • The failure of council reps to utter a single word about what is going on
  • More than a year down the track since the Auditor General’s report and no visible signs of improvement in governance, access to the course, and the MRC giving a damn about the local community
  • Years down the track and not a whisper about the removal of training and the removal of fences as per original ‘agreement’.
  • And now we have Chanukah in the park with the prospect of fireworks. So much for the argument that ‘noise’ and horses don’t mix, therefore we have to keep the fences up to avoid horses bolting.

Thankfully divine providence may have intervened in blowing down the ramshackle fences along Queen’s Avenue – those very fences that were supposed to be removed ages ago and with council sharing the cost! See photos below.

Of far greater significance is this response to a complaint to the Minister in relation to the department’s removing all previous conditions it imposed on the granting of a permit for the outdoor cinema – namely – (a) trustee approval (b) land used to be under lease agreements and (c) current lease agreement in place. At the subsequent VCAT hearing which was appealed by a resident, the MRC magically pulled a new and undated letter from the department out of its bag of tricks. This new letter simply removed all of the earlier imposed conditions, making the granting of the permit a certainty. How convenient! How timely and how disgusting!

A complaint was then sent off to Minister Neville asking:

  • Why earlier conditions had been removed
  • Why an official letter was undated
  • Whether this was granted with ministerial approval
  • What was government doing in relation to the Auditor General’s report which was now over a year old

The full response is published here plus the pdf version


Readers might also like to envisage what their land could look like once the decrepit, never maintained fences are permanently removed.