PS: we’ve revisited Amendment C106 which rezoned part of the heritage overlay to Public Utility Zone (Education). There were several objectors to this rezoning, so a Planning Panel was held. The amendment was basically to facilitate the proposed Monash redevelopment which includes the Caulfield Plaza (supermarket) and the construction of 800+ student accommodation residences.

The Planning Panel endorsed the proposed amendment. However some extracts from this panel report are important. They reveal once again how this council can promise the earth (ie reviewing its archaic policies) and years later nothing has happened. We also note that under this zoning of PUZ, buildings DO NOT REQUIRE A PERMIT! This of course was never mentioned in council chamber!

Here are some extracts from the Panel Report. Please note the various dates, and the continued litany of broken promises –

Derby Road shopping centre, noted in the Glen Eira Heritage Management Plan 1996 as being ‘significant at the metropolitan level as a predominantly post‐Federation shopping street….’;

The Amendment does not propose any change to properties affected by the Heritage Overlay. Council will continue to apply existing heritage planning controls and guidance as per the current Heritage Overlay, Heritage Policy and ‘Derby Road Draft Heritage Guidelines June 2003’ as part of the consideration of future proposals for buildings and works at 16‐28 Derby Road.

Council noted that this Policy is based on an urban design framework approved in 1998. Council is looking to review this policy in 2014, together with a number of other local policies.

If approved, the Public Use Zone will allow the development of buildings for educational purposes without the need for a planning permit. The exception to this is the properties at 16‐28 Derby Road, which will require permits for buildings and works due to their location within the Heritage Overlay

Sundry issues raised by objectors include the loss of Council revenue that would result from the rezoning to Public Use (Education); perceived loss of the heritage overlay for some Derby Road properties; urban design issues associated with development of the University campus; and a lack of planned streetscape improvements to Derby Road.

In their written submission, the Council noted that the relevant Clause 22.01 – Phoenix Precinct Policy of the Glen Eira Planning Scheme is based on an urban design framework and that preferred uses for sites facing Derby Road are in accordance with the Derby Road Action Plan 1998 but that the Council is looking to review this policy in 2014

Lastly, the issue of streetscape improvements in Derby Road is beyond the scope of this Amendment but the Panel notes the Council’s intention to review the urban design framework and assumes that the streetscape will form part of that review.