We are revisiting the carnage that is taking place in Carnegie because a definite trend is developing throughout the municipality. Once a particular street is gone, then developers move onto the next street – knocking on doors and attempting to entice residents to sell. Now that Bent Street in Bentleigh is gone, the vultures are moving into Vickery. In Carnegie, Elliott Avenue is lost, so now the next profit making venture is Tranmere. Within two months of purchasing properties there, applications have gone in. The box below indicates those properties which have been sold but an application has yet to be submitted. The same for the next street along – Hewitts Road.

We have already depicted what is happening along Neerim Road. The image below reveals in all its gory detail what is happening in the surrounding local streets. This is not planning. This is incompetence and indifference and one might even argue utter negligence. When just under 500 dwellings are crammed into 4 blocks with no consideration of traffic, open space, drainage, water tables, and general mayhem for residents as a result of all this cumulative building, and all done in secret and by stealth and collusion, then all these councillors must be held to account. What is even more unforgivable, is knowing that this is happening and refusing to do anything to ameliorate the damage – except of course to blame VCAT and the State Government for their own incompetence and unwillingness to do what should have been done ten years ago – structure planning, design and development overlays, parking precinct plans, development contributions levy, and a fair dinkum review of the planning scheme.


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