When it comes to the MRC, Council turns a blind eye again and again.

Two days ago the CMFEU had their annual picnic day at the racecourse. Contrary to the so called ‘agreement’ –

  • Cars were parked in the centre of the racecourse – a definite ‘no-no’
  • No traffic wardens to manage the mayhem – although radio reports kept warning motorists to stay clear of the area
  • No warning to residents
  • No clarity as to whether this constitutes a ‘major’ event or not?
  • In short, council simply lets the MRC do whatever it wants, whenever it wants.


The Caulfield Village is now really taking shape along Station St and residents should not be surprised to find that what was supposed to be a 5 storey building (according to the Incorporated Plan of 2011) became a 6 storey building with the Development Plan. Please also note how balconies are now allowed to intrude as far as they like into the setbacks – courtesy of another Amendment that was gleefully promoted by council. We can hardly wait for all the other cave-ins to occur when the next set of Development plans come in for the remaining two precincts. Well done council for selling out residents completely!