Here is a list of the latest planning applications for Carnegie. The longer that nothing is done this destruction of Carnegie and other suburbs will continue.

285-287 Neerim Road CARNEGIE VIC 3163 – Construction of a six-storey mixed use building comprising sixty-one (61) dwellings and three shops, reduction in the associated car parking requirements, waiver of loading bay requirements and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1.

60-64 Rosstown Road CARNEGIE VIC 3163 – Demolition of existing buildings and the construction of an 8 storey mixed use building containing 40 retirement living apartments and a food and drink premises.

1032 Dandenong Road CARNEGIE VIC 3163 – Construction of a nine-storey residential hotel (comprising 49 lodging rooms), waiver of loading bay associated with a food and drink premises and a reduction in the associated car parking requirements

116-118 Grange Road CARNEGIE VIC 3163 – To construct a three storey building comprising 31 dwellings over a basement carpark, reduction of visitor car parking and to alter access to a Road Zone Category One

14-22 Woorayl Street CARNEGIE VIC 3163 – and for the 12 storeys, 134 apartments, there is now an amendment applied for.