Whilst countless other councils have gone about their task in preparing or reviewing their housing strategies, Glen Eira has sat on its backside and basically done nothing. Glen Eira’s Housing Strategy was adopted by Council in October 2003. It is based on data going back to 1999. Yet, council’s rationale for doing nothing in 12 years is that in 2003/4 they got is so right that they are streaks ahead of every other council!

Once again, nothing could be further from the truth. Other councils have also had housing strategy policies for eons. They have also reviewed and updated it repeatedly with the latest statistics and with community consultation. For example Moonee Valley’s 2010 version was updated in 2015; Bayside within 2 years. And Glen Eira? Nothing since 2003! Given what is happening with the zones, then reviews are essential – unless of course, incompetence, or inability, or the pro-development agenda, forbids change.

Here is a list of what some other councils have been able to achieve – most post zones. The year of introduction is in parenthesis. Please note that these councils have also introduced numerous amendments (not listed here) in support of their housing strategies and to ameliorate the impact of the zones for their residents.

Banyule (2010)

Bayside – 2012 (reviewed 2014)

Boroondara (2015)

Brimbank (2014)

Cardinia (2013)

Casey (2015)

Darebin (2013)

Frankston (2013)

Greater Dandenong (2014)

Hobson’s Bay (2014)

Knox (2015)

Manningham (2012)

Maribyrnong (2011)

Maroondah (2015 and ongoing)

Melbourne (2014)

Monash (2014)

Moonee Valley (2015)

Shepparton (2011)

Wangaratta (2013)

Warnambool (2013)

Whitehorse (2014)

Yarra (2010)