The Gillon conglomerate has now released its next phase of ‘consultation’ for Virginia Estate. Residents should note:

  • The site keeps expanding. It now includes the area between Griffiths Avenue and North Road. We estimate that the site is approximately 25 hectares.
  • Detail is non-existent and several of the maps in relation to NEW OPEN SPACE are contradictory.
  • Terminology is obtuse (ie Mixed Use Development we argue should be read as a euphemism for residential development).
  • Solution to traffic is the installation of two sets of traffic lights within 100 metres of each other along East Boundary Road.

Readers should consider the following carefully in terms of:

  • If all the buildings marked as ‘redundant’ are to go, will they be replaced with apartments?
  • Are we really looking at an ‘employment hub’ that covers 90% of the site, or is this simply doublespeak for 2 shops and hundreds of apartments above? Remember that the centre of the site has already been rezoned and ‘permission’ granted for 10 storey developments.


Until the Gillon group is prepared to be upfront with residents and to provide full detail then little credence can be given to these ‘concepts’.

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