• ‘achieving maximum protection’ means keeping the community out of ‘consultation’ whilst hobnobbing it with Matthew Guy and signing away resident objection rights for the Caulfield Village!
  • ‘Maintaining the pensioner rebate’ – NO! lowering council’s contribution so that pensioners pay more out of their pockets – ie government subsidies have increased, whilst Glen Eira’s have decreased ($58 last budget and $55 this budget).
  • ‘Oppose development and fight congestion’ – that’s why Hyams has voted for so many developments and voted against immediate car parking/traffic analyses
  • ‘Improve safety in shopping strips’ – again, why he’s voted against CCTV cameras & alcohol free zones in Bentleigh
  • ‘environmental initiatives’ – that’s why the ‘no’ vote for a significant tree register, time and time again?

Conclusion? Ask yourselves how much this individual has contributed to council wasting hundreds of thousands of ratepayer dollars on lawyers? Ask yourselves how well this councillor has served for the benefit of all residents – ie Frogmore? Ask yourselves how much this councillor has contributed to the erosion of transparent government in Glen Eira when he has voted time and again against Notice of Motion and recently turning the public questions protocols into a farce? Last but not least, we have the ‘guns in park’ fiasco and of course his temper tantrums and foul language.