The image presented below derives from It utilises census data from 2011 and provides a comparison of the development occurring in Glen Eira compared to the general metropolitan area from this time. We have absolutely no doubt that the situation has worsened considerably since the introduction of the zones and the rampant development that has been occurring in Glen Eira over the past 3 years.

Council has never published data which quantifies the number of single bedroom apartments compared to 2, 3, and even 4 bedroom apartments. Officer reports are inconsistent and frequently do not even mention the breakdown of what is on the application. As for delegated decisions, they never reach the wider public domain. Often those applications which do make it to council simply state ’40 dwellings’, ’28 dwellings’ etc. so residents have no idea as to how many are single, double or triple bedroom units. Whether or not this failure to be fully transparent, or consistent, is deliberate or not, we leave up to readers to decide.

What is absolutely clear is that Glen Eira is fast becoming the second most single bedroom municipality in the state – only behind the City of Melbourne (which does release statistics). Given the Caulfield Village Development with its near 50% single bedroom ratio for the first 2 precincts and likely to be more with the last precinct, plus what is likely on the cards for Virginia Estate, the groundwork for the slums of the future are well and truly set!