Aesthetics as covered by The Age article above is one thing. Public safety, and treating council’s laws with absolute disdain is another. Not for the first time have we featured photos sent to us by residents of development sites that should be closed down or at the very least fined severely on a daily basis. Council however seems to be unable to enforce its own and state regulations – or worse, simply turns a blind eye despite the fact that residents do ring through time and time again over individual sites and complain bitterly.

The following photos all come from Mimosa Road, Carnegie where two major 4 storey developments are currently under construction. Please note the following which are all contraventions of council’s Local Law as well as state legislation:

  • No display of any hoarding permit which mandates that there must be at least 1.5 metres provided for pedestrian use. Plus, non securely attached hoardings!
  • Turning footpaths into lunch areas with chairs etc. contravenes council’s Local Law and also represents a pedestrian/disability hazard by blocking the footpath
  • Forcing people onto the road without clear sightlines is another no-no and the orange etching on the grass plus the pathetic piece of wood designed to act as a plank for wheelchairs is also unacceptable. Then, simply parking over this ‘access’

Council could literally be raking in thousands of dollars per day if they were to do their job properly. Are they? And if they’re not, then why not?