The table below presents the latest ABS figures for building permits granted in the 2016/17 financial year.

Glen Eira romps it in as the south eastern region development capitol once again!

We well and truly trounce Stonnington and even Port Phillip where both councils have triple the amount of commercial zoning that Glen Eira has and where most of their development goes. This means that in Glen Eira the majority of development is not happening in those sites zoned commercial, but in our quiet residential streets.

Adding further insult to injury, council is now set on a course of facilitating further development in these very streets. Residents need to start questioning why? – especially since the Plan Melbourne Refresh has lumped Glen Eira together with Stonnington, Bayside, and Boroondara.   The most interesting and frightening statistic is that Glen Eira comes in third in the entire state behind Melbourne City & Moreland for the number of apartments built!

We invite readers to peruse the ABS data (uploaded HERE) – it reveals a fascinating story of development for development’s sake in Glen Eira!