How on earth can a planning department be so far out in its evaluations of what is happening? Is it incompetence or a case of camouflaging reality so that a pro-development agenda can proceed unhindered?

The screen dump below is supposedly from October 2017 and includes data from the 2016 Census. We’ve taken just one example noting that our comments apply to all suburbs and the breakdown into ‘small areas’. (Source:

Things to note:

  • Several of the projects listed for completion years down the track are already built and operational – ie Bent Street and Station Avenue ones (see photos)

  • The projected increase of an average of 28 new dwellings per year is a joke. In NRZ permits  granted by council over the past year, we have at least 20 net new dwellings. And please remember this doesn’t take into account the number of net new dwellings erected in the GRZ zonings.
  • We assume (as stated) that the consultants relied on data provided to them by officers. Need we say any more?

Here is a list of permits granted for 2 double storeys in the NRZ in McKinnon over the past year.

8 Blackshaw Street MCKINNON

29 Lindsay Street MCKINNON

40 Hall Street MCKINNON

40 Hopkins Street MCKINNON

33 Windsor Avenue MCKINNON

Unit 1 36 Osborne Avenue MCKINNON

43 Whitmuir Road MCKINNON

14 Blackshaw Street MCKINNON

20 McKinnon Road MCKINNON

2 Draper Street MCKINNON

5 Lord Street MCKINNON

35 Rose Street MCKINNON

10 Lewis Street MCKINNON

12 McKinnon Road MCKINNON

7 Brennan Street MCKINNON

24 Osborne Avenue MCKINNON

26 Clee Street MCKINNON

71 Wheatley Road MCKINNON

31 Lysbeth Street MCKINNON

46 Carlton Street MCKINNON

To complete the full picture of what is happening in McKinnon, here is a list of all VCAT decisions relating to multi-unit development over the past year –

203  McKinnon  Road – shops and 4 dwellings, three storeys

6-10 Claire Street  McKinnon  – 3 storey, 33 units,

29-31 Prince Edward Avenue,  McKinnon  – 3 storey, 21 units,

10-12 Station Avenue,  McKinnon  – 3 storey, 21 units,

2-4 Penang Street,  McKinnon – 3 storey, 22 units,

91  McKinnon  Road,  McKinnon – 3 storey, 10 units

251-253 Jasper Road,  McKinnon – 4 storey, 12 units

64-66 Bent Street,  McKinnon – 3 & 4 storey, 31 units,

6 Prince Edward Avenue,  McKinnon  – 2 storey, 6 units,

35 Graham Avenue,  McKinnon – 3 double storeys

2 Lees Street,  McKinnon – 3 double storeys

To therefore predict that McKinnon will only have an average increase of 16-27 net new dwellings per year is ludicrous in our view!