Last council meeting contained some very interesting tenders, to say the least. Money it seems is not a problem for Glen Eira, despite rate capping and the constant crying poor!

All decisions of course are made in camera and with no transparency as to the basis of the decision making, the criteria employed, nor the final weighting for each application – unlike other councils where this information is published! One tender in particular leaves us dumbfounded. This is for the redevelopment of the skate park at GESAC.

We are not questioning the decision to ‘redevelop’. What we are questioning is:

  • Why has the cost doubled – going from a budget allocation of $550,000 in 2016/17 to over a million?
  • Admittedly costs may rise over time, but a 50% hike in a year is clearly beyond the pale
  • Did the ‘design’ of the skate park change? If so, when was the decision made to endorse these changes and hence costs? Where is the record of any such decision? Who made any such decision? Was this ratified by councillors at any stage prior to the awarding of the tender?