In June 2018 and then again in March 2019 a resident asked Council whether Glen Eira would support the Melbourne City Council’s amendment that proposed to ensure no additional overshadowing of public open space at the winter solstice. Melbourne also wanted the extension to 5 hours on June 22 rather than the current 3 hours. In the 2018 response council didn’t even have the guts to state they would support the Melbourne City Council initiative. Instead we got weasel words and utter bull dust from Torres (See: Then again in March this year the issue of overshadowing in winter came up again. Once more residents were told this is a State Government responsibility and that we, as residents, should ‘advocate’ to our MPs. (See: Buck passing as always!

Well today (August 1st) the Melbourne city Council draft amendment HAS received the Minister’s approval for exhibition. Except for the Docklands area and a few other parks right in the city, Melbourne is wanting ‘no additional shadow’ for 5 hours at the Winter Solstice for all its parks. That is, from 10am to 3pm. (We have uploaded their Design & Development Schedule HERE).

The point that should be made is that councils can achieve plenty if they have the will and the persistence and if they care about their municipalities. That does not seem to be the case in Glen Eira.

On another issue of significance, there is also released for exhibition today, the Moonee Valley intended Developer Contributions Levy and Infrastructure Levy. Glen Eira DOES NOT HAVE any such levy. In 2010 it was removed from the Glen Eira planning scheme with the claim that it cost too much to administer in return for the revenue collected! That means that for the past 8 years residents have been subsidising developers with millions upon millions of dollars! Thankfully, other councils do not believe that this should occur (aka Moonee Valley and countless others). Moonee Valley has different rates for commercial, industrial and residential. We’ve taken a screen dump of their residential charges noting that they have analysed their municipality and broken the costings down according to various precincts.


  • Council excuses for doing bugger all can no longer be tolerated.
  • Residents should not be subsidising developers at every single turn
  • Concentrate on the essentials (ie neighbourhood centres structure plans, levies, open space purchases, etc) and not on creating documents full of spin and pretty pictures!
  • Challenge governments like other councils instead of cowtowing time and time again!
  • Work for residents not developers!