Readers will remember that as a result of COVID, Glen Eira decided to put into the hands of the CEO a $20M fund to use as she saw fit. Other councils also upped their CEO’s powers – but nowhere near this amount! The rationale behind this was that at the time the Local Government Act required the physical presence of councillors in the chamber. This has now been amended and council meetings are being conducted via zoom. Hence, there is no reason why the delegations that came into effect should remain.

Below, is a page from the Boroondara Council’s agenda which repeals the COVID delegations and returns things to the previous state. Please note the reasons given!

Glen Eira however sees no need to rescind the delegation. A recent public question asked when this is likely to happen and Council’s response is presented below:


  • Why should this be ‘left in place’?
  • Why is this council so consistently out of step with what is happening in other councils?
  • Where are our representatives and why do they continually accept such nonsense responses that only work to sideline them even further?