Why does Glen Eira’s webcast of its council meetings repeatedly run into major technological problems? And not for the first time the audio was impossible to follow.  Once again the meeting had to be halted so that the problem could be fixed Here’s a short example of what went on at the start:

When compared to the clarity of both sound and vision that other councils have, why are we so sub-standard?  Is it simply you get what you paid for? Yet even this does not excuse council’s incompetence. Why isn’t the sound tested BEFORE each meeting goes live? Why isn’t vision tested prior to going live? Surely when this council spends literally millions on technology each year, they could secure a system that is far more reliable and user-friendly.

Here are some screen dumps from other councils. In all cases both vision and sound are crystal clear.




Finally, these two screen dumps from Boroondara where viewers can actually see WHAT is being discussed as well as the individual speaking-