For those unfamiliar with this complex, we provide this image –

Sadly, residents will have noticed a for sale sign that has gone up at Extra Fresh Bentleigh. Expressions of interest close in early March. For at least a decade and probably more, this complex has included a café, a grocer, delicatessen, baker, butcher, and fish monger. It always seems to be busy and provides a great alternative to supermarket shopping. What will happen now remains to be seen.

Our guess is that after laying out multi-millions to purchase the property, the new owner will in all likelihood be looking to:

Option 1: keep things as they are and maintain the current tenants with an increase in rent

Option 2: keep a handful of shops at ground floor but decide that greater and immediate profit resides in residential dwellings above. So given the existence of 7 and 8 storeys nearby, this could be the plan. With no permanent structure plan in place, there is no reason to assume that the application could not be even higher.

Another landmark in Bentleigh is thus on the chopping board. We extend our best wishes to the current tenants and will certainly miss them if they have to go.