Pages from 8_Urban_Analysis_and_Design_Response_ReportApart from the above over-the-top market hype, readers should take careful note of the so called ‘green spine’ that is to serve as public open space and a pedestrian ‘carriage way’ to public transport. No amount of pretty drawings and promises can hide the fact that:

  • No figures are given for overall AMOUNT OF PUBLIC OPEN SPACE within the precinct
  • Width of entrance via Kambrook Road is barely enough to swing a couple of cats through – 9.6 metres which will in effect be reduced once ‘plantings’ go in.
  • No mention is made of the ‘canyon effect’ and resulting potential for wind tunnels
  • Glossy pictures of tall new vegetation leave us unimpressed given that much of this ‘green spine’ will be in shadow for much of the day – see diagram below.

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