Records Of Assembly

Cr Pilling – Need to take care with Council information provided to the Councillor Group as some seems to be shared outside of the group.

Cr Hyams – Councillor Code of Conduct has a requirement that all Councillors read Council briefing and Agenda Papers.

Cr Hyams – Cr Lobo has foreshadowed a Right of Reply at the next Council Meeting. Councillor Code of Conduct regulates what Councillors can say about other Councillors.

Cr Lobo – Councillor Code of Conduct, information being passed to other persons.

Cr Lobo – Does the Councillor Code of Conduct govern behaviour outside of Council duties.

Visitor Car Parking

Car parking, which includes visitor parking and access, is often identified as a key issue. Applicants typically respond by redesigning a proposal. Those that do not amend their proposal risk having their application refused or modified by Council through conditions. This risk, in effect, encourages applicants to provide an adequate amount of visitor car parking.

Continuing this approach is preferred. This ensures that:

  • Visitor parking is not given higher priority than other valid planning matters, such as amenity impacts on neighbours, scale, and open space.
  • Visitor car parking is correctly assessed in the wider planning context, which includes consideration of the particular parking conditions in the area.
  • The integrity of Council’s fast track processes is maintained.

Consultation Committee

A paper determining community preferences for consultation using a community wide questionnaire was tabled. The committee noted that the process of sending a hard copy questionnaire to all members of the community cannot guarantee that a representative sample of the community completes the questionnaire. The statistically reliable method is stratified random sampling; different subgroups are established and a questionnaire is distributed to a random selection of respondents in the subgroup.

Council’s 2013 Community Satisfaction Survey included a question on residents preferred method of communication from Council. The results gave a clear indication that a multi method communication approach is required to ensure all sections of the population are provided with the best chance to participate in community engagement opportunities.


In order to encourage the involvement by the Valuer General, Council could

  • Write to the Trustees advocating for them to involve the Valuer General
  • Write to the Valuer General, including a copy of this Item
  • Write to the Minister for Crown Lands.