The Minister for Planning has now removed the Residential Growth Zone in Yarra. Another bonus for proactive councils believing they can do more for their residents! Here’s the Yarra Media Release and the new schedules – please take careful note of the height limits in the General Residential Zones. Glen Eira has 10.5 metres.

Council welcomes decision on new residential zones

04 May 2015

Yarra Council welcomes the State Government’s decision on Yarra’s new residential zones.

Yarra Mayor Cr Phillip Vlahogiannis said the new residential zones will provide greater certainty about the height and scale of developments that can be built in those zones.

“Council is pleased to see the State Government endorse Yarra’s strategic vision for maintaining Yarra’s liveability and protecting neighbourhood character – especially in our heritage precincts,” Cr Vlahogiannis said.

“Yarra’s submission to the State Government on the new residential zones was based on robust strategic planning considerations and extensive community consultation.  Our submission was sensible and responsible,” he said.

In early 2014 Council undertook extensive consultation with the community, evidenced by the near 400 written submissions received.

“Council knows that Yarra’s population is growing rapidly, with roughly 25,000 extra people expected to be living here by 2030. With that projected growth in mind, Council aims to deliver the best outcomes for Yarra as a whole, to protect Yarra’s residential heritage character, while identifying areas for housing growth.

“Yarra will accommodate housing growth in appropriate areas across the municipality, such as activity centres that have capacity.

“The Minister for Planning’s decision is a deserved vindication of the good work of Council’s strategic planning professionals and brings some relief to the Yarra community whose amenity has been constantly challenged by ever-intensifying development.

“We are particularly pleased that the Minister has indicated that the Residential Growth Zone is no longer necessary as this will provide comfort to residents concerned about overdevelopment in their neighbourhoods,” Cr Vlahogiannis said.

The approved residential zones will apply as follows:

  • The Neighbourhood Residential Zone applies to about 74% of Yarra’s existing residential zones. This would restrict larger-scale development in Yarra’s heritage precincts and includes a building height limit of eight metres.
  • The General Residential Zone applies to about 26% of Yarra’s existing residential zone.  This zone is similar to Yarra’s existing residential zone, but with the added protection of limiting building heights to nine metres.

“Yarra has not shirked the responsibility to provide its fair share of housing to meet the needs of Melbourne’s growing population.  In Yarra’s case, that additional housing stock is being, and will be, delivered predominantly through other zones – particularly the mixed use zone and the commercial 1 zone,” he said.



No Residential Growth Zone

The Minister for Planning removed the requirement for the Residential Growth Zone in Yarra.

This zone provides for increased housing growth and density.

The Minister’s determination is consistent with Council’s position that the Residential Growth Zone is not needed because housing growth is already occurring in Yarra’s mixed use and commercial zones.

The process to evaluate the introduction of the Residential Growth Zone (draft amendment C179) is no longer required.


Summary table of zones and schedules – approved 2015