Planning Permit Activity reports are now available for the entire financial year of 2014/15. The figures represent ‘net new dwellings’. From July 2014 to June 2015, another 2885 dwellings have received permits. This is on top of the 1713 from the previous year. Population projections for Glen Eira tell us that in order to meet housing needs the municipality will require 9000 new dwellings by 2031. Since the zones have come in the numbers have gone through the roof – 934, 1713, and now 2885 – for a grand total of 5532. Hence in the space of three years Glen Eira has achieved an average of roughly 1800 dwellings per year – triple what is stated in the fossilised Planning Scheme. At this rate, the 9000 new dwellings will be reached in 2018 and not 2031!

Given these figures, today’s Letter to the Editor, is very relevant.