The last Planning Scheme Review was conducted in 2010, with a Discussion Paper, that was anything but a genuine discussion paper. Crucial issues were ignored; information was scant and skewed; and all subsequent actions were to be done ‘internally’. That is a euphemism for non-community participation! When the ‘review’ finally made it onto the council agenda, the resolution endorsed the ‘action plan’. Of course, barely a fraction of what was promised 5 years ago has been done. Now we have the situation that this out-of-date Planning Scheme will not be ‘reviewed’ for at least another 18 months – and that’s on top of councillors knowing full well that there are so many deficiencies that the whole scheme requires immediate attention and amendment. But what has Council done? Asked the Minister for a two year extension on having to review the scheme. The Minister agreed to a one year extension. Thus residents have seen their suburbs destroyed because of the failure to act and close off the countless loopholes that ensure developers will get what they want.

Below is a page taken from the 2010 item on the Planning Scheme Review. It illustrates perfectly how resolutions in Glen Eira mean absolutely nothing. They are continually ignored and consigned to the dustbin of history, or overturned when it suits those with vested interests – ie removal of the conservatory in Caulfield Park; heritage protection for Frogmore; creation of a significant Tree Register. But none of these betrayals equals what has been happening (or more correctly, not happening) in the domain of planning. The highlighted sections of the image below indicate what was promised 5 years ago, and many even repeat what was stated as ‘action items’ from 2003! That’s what resolutions mean in Glen Eira – bugger all. Please remember this when you vote next year!

Pages from 2010August10-2010-MINUTES