Pages from 4.2-report_Page_1Pages from 4.2-report_Page_2The above images come from Monash City council’s report on several proposed amendments to their residential zones. Glen Eira Council of course only engages in widespread ‘consultation’ when it needs to spread its propaganda and undertake some costly damage control (the 11 cents flyer) or when it wants to get its way with removing the Caulfield Park conservatory. These are the only times in recent memory that every resident received anything from council on proposals or envisaged changes to policy.

We highlight this as a reminder of what CAN BE DONE when there is a genuine commitment from a council to inform, engage, and listen to residents. None of this happens in Glen Eira. We have repeated ad nauseum that the zones were introduced by stealth, without any consultation, and with the outrageous justification that had council consulted, then the ‘results’ would have been worse. Appalling and unforgiveable. Lest we forget!