Please consider the lists provided below which highlight the various amendments that neighbouring councils have initiated in the past 2 years – since the zones came in – in contrast to what Glen Eira has produced.


Amendments c112-115 – introducing mandatory height limits into activity centres (ie includes commercial as well)

Amendment – c121 – extending their Water Sensitive Urban Design policy

Amendment C139 – Development contributions levy

Amendment C140 – Bayside Housing Strategy of 2014 & subdivision size of land

And plenty of new heritage overlays on various properties and areas


Amendment C108 – permanent Design & Development Overlays in many areas

C109 – extends interim height controls for Neighbourhood Centres (ie includes commercial)

C139 – more structure plans and design and development overlays

C149-C152 – more heritage overlays

C152 – Maling Road ‘building form guidelines’

C229 – amends council’s LPPF (local planning policy framework)


C153 – design and development overlay

C154 – Chadstone expansion includes Incorporated plan for the land

C155 – development overlay for heights along Yarra

C168 – 2 new Neighbourhood Character overlays and development overlays

C172 – Chapel Revision Structure Plan

C175 – updates Municipal Strategic Statement plus new neighbourhood character policy

C177 – environmental sustainability design

C180 – public acquisition overlay

C181-184 – various heritage overlays

C185 – 2 new Neighbourhood character overlays, design and development overlays and their integration with zoning for GRZ sites

C186 – open space levies where 4 suburbs are paying 8% – South Yarra, Windsor, Prahran, etc

Many new heritage overlays here.

C212 – Malvern Road Neighbourhood Structure Plan

C217 – more significant character overlays

C220 – extension of structure planning controls for Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra


C100 – Rezones Industrial 3 To Mixed Use Zone (Neerim/Emily St)

C102 – Revises Non Residential Uses In Residential Zones Policy

C107 – Neighbourhood Character Overlay (Schedule 2) To Moodie St., Caulfield East

C113 – Heritage Overlay On Some Sites In Caulfield North

C120 – Open Space Levy Of 5.7%

C121 – North Road Sites From Commercial 2 To Mixed Use Zone

C123 – Updated Child Care Policy

C130 – Environmental Audit Overlay In Glen Huntly

C135 – Public Acquisition Overlay On Magnolia Road

C139 – Rezone Glen Eira Rd/Hotham St Corner From Commercial 2 To Mixed Use Zone

C140 – Public Acquisition Overlay On Mimosa Road/Mile End Road



  • Rezoning to MUZ or Commercial means more residential high rise
  • Magnolia Road public acquisition overlay was gazetted in August. Three months down the track and the property still hasn’t been purchased for open space. There was a public acquisition on this property for years, then removed in 2008, and then re-imposed. Superb planning and now we fear that council simply does not have the money to purchase anything.
  • ‘reviews’ of child care policy and non-residential uses, simply changes the playing field – now making it easier for such developments to encroach into Neighbourhood Residential Zones.
  • Planning Panels have recommended a total review of Heritage. The current policy dates back to 1996. Another museum piece!

Conclusion? Whilst other councils have been busy shoring up their defences against over-development, and rejecting Planning Panel decisions and pushing ahead for Ministerial approval of their amendments, Glen Eira continues in the same old fashion – tinkering and avoiding anything that might constitute an obstacle to development.