Whilst not as bad (yet) as Carnegie, East Bentleigh isn’t too far behind in terms of over development and transforming the suburb completely. Readers need to bear in mind several important facts –

  • East Bentleigh is not a Major Activity Centre – it is designated as a Neighbourhood Centre
  • It is not within cooee of adequate public transport
  • Virginia Estate redevelopment is probably just around the corner adding thousands of new dwellings
  • East Bentleigh, despite the fact that it is NOT a major activity centre, has one of the highest land masses zoned as ‘commercial’ – meaning no height limits, and no other protections for the neighbourhood such as Design & Development Overlays, Parking Precinct Plans, Structure Plans, Urban Design Frameworks, etc.
  • It also has the largest area zoned RDZ – meaning 3 storeys

Below are two images that should be viewed in conjunction and that attempt to capture some of what is happening since the secret introduction of the zones without any community consultation. We have not included all that is occurring – ie applications galore for other streets such as Browns Road, Elizabeth St, and of course East Boundary Road itself and the streets coming off this road to the East. Like all planning in Glen Eira, everything has been handed over to the market and the market (and therefore Council) does not care one iota for residential amenity. That philosophy represents negligence of the highest order.


east bentleigh

and the continuation to the North