A quick note on tonight’s council meeting. Much, much, more to follow!

  1. Frogmore application for Jewish Care Aged Care Facility – refusal passed unanimously with both Esakoff and Delahunty declaring conflicts of interest
  2. Truganini Road application – permit
  3. Bent St – permit with conditions about protecting street trees
  4. North Road 6 storey application – Esakoff moved motion to lop off two storeys and reduce number of dwellings. Motion passed.
  5. Minister’s letter – officers to prepare another report on inconsistencies with VCAT decisions and follow up on resident claims regarding Wynne being amenable to structure plans and zones. This was suddenly a discussion only about COMMERCIAL ZONES!
  6. Lobo gagged from asking questions by Magee, Pilling, Lipshutz
  7. Magee taking on the mantle of chief council promoter!

Level of consistent and cogent argument remains appalling. Political expediency the winner!