Here are some questions to ponder –

  • Why is so much in Glen Eira ‘secret’? – when other councils see no need for such limitations?
  • Why do councillors continually allow such ‘perversions’ to continue unabated?
  • Why does Glen Eira continually resort to bluff, bluster and frankly intimidation when it is dealing with residents?
  • Why does this council’s culture display such arrogance and disdain for its residents?

Here are some prime examples of very recent times.

  • The online planning register has suddenly been updated to include this load of deliberate, intimidating hogwash.

Availability of planning documents
The planning applications and associated plans and documents available on this website are provided solely for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The information must not be used for any other purpose. By entering this website you acknowledge and agree that you will only use information accessible here for the purpose of the planning process under that Act and any use or distribution of this information beyond that purpose is strictly prohibited.

Not only is there nothing in the Planning and Environment Act to substantiate these bogus ‘threats’, but the Government Spear program itself includes far more than the pathetic council register – ie name of applicant. Further, Planning Alerts is a free service that publishes applications for wider distribution.

  • Last Tuesday night’s council meeting included this public question –

“Will Council publish its submissions on Plan Melbourne Refresh and the Local Government Act Review? I also ask why council does not seek a formal resolution endorsing all submissions made to Government reviews or inquiries?” and the ‘answer’ was –

“When finalised, the submissions will be posted on Council’s website. Resolutions are sought as required.”

There is plenty amiss here. Firstly, residents will not have any idea of council’s position on these important issues until AFTER THE FACT. There is no open public discussion in chamber; no formal council resolution endorsing the submission written by officers, and hence another example of decision making behind closed doors – and we are of course assuming that councillors even get to read the draft submission! Yet, as always, such practices are allowed to continue unchallenged by councillors. No comments are required as to the ‘tone’ of the response and the arrogance implicit in it!

In stark contrast, we’ve done a very quick search of other councils who did seek formal resolutions and discussions on their submissions. Here is the list we’ve found after only a 5 minute search. All speak volumes of the culture of Glen Eira!

Plan Melbourne Refresh





Hobsons Bay



Moonee Valley


Mornington Peninsula





Yarra Ranges


Local Government Act Review








Northern Grampians

Port Phillip

Surf Coast