There are two extraordinary items in the agenda papers for Tuesday night. One concerns the ‘guns in the parks’ episode and the other the anti-semitism claims against Lobo. That both of these issues should occupy so much of council time, and expense, is in our view, a clear indication of how dysfunctional and politically driven Glen Eira Council is.

Both of these items feature some ‘unusual’ new tactics:

  • For the first time in living memory, Council has published the ‘privileged and confidential’ legal advice that it sought externally. Why?
  • For the first time in living memory Council is seeking that Police ‘answer’ for the guns in parks issue via a ‘community forum’. Why?


Several things stand out immediately in this item:

  • The brevity of the Burke report and lack of ‘direction’ from administration – ie washing their hands of the matter and hence not endorsing the Lipshutz, Hyams ‘instigated’ motion?
  • The undoubtedly costly ‘legal advice’ says ‘bugger all’. It merely outlines the current legislation. More significantly it questions why Council has not undertaken ‘internal resolution’ processes which are part of its Code of Conduct. Another ‘slap in the face’ to councillors?
  • How on earth can this councillor group expect decent legal advice when it has not supplied the lawyers with any ‘evidence’ of the alleged offences? This makes a mockery of the allegations in the first place and secondly shows how incompetent these councillors have been to begin with.
  • Not only was the original Request for a Report vague and ‘general’ but so badly worded that all the lawyers could do was respond in ‘general terms’. What a waste of public money!

What remains to be seen is whether these 8 paragons of virtue will take this matter further and whether ratepayers can expect to fork out thousands more to satisfy what we believe to be the political machinations of several councillors.


  • Another example of ‘damage control’?
  • Another example of ‘passing the buck’ – this time to the Police?
  • Is this another example of a very neat sleight of hand at best or straight out contradiction at worst? – ‘Council’s conditions of use do not allow events to involve firearms’ AND ‘Council’s relationship is with the event organiser, not with those who supply services to the event (whether security, seating, tents, audio equipment, etc’)
  • Who exactly are these ‘public’ anyway?
  • How arrogant! Does Council really expect the Police to admit that their forces are not adequately ‘trained’ or ‘capable of protecting all members of the community’!!!!!!!!!
  • We wonder what the Police reaction will be to this nonsense?

We have uploaded both items HERE

PS: Today’s Age