Glen Eira has finally published (without a formal council resolution and after the fact) its submission to the ‘review’ of the residential zones. This post is the first in a series where we will analyse this submission and highlight its incompetency, hypocrisy and once again council’s determination to insist that it got it right in August 2013.

Council’s incompetency and attempt to mislead is clearly shown in the following statement which comes from page 12 of its submission.  (please note that the actual submission is really only a page or two since most of the 19 pages consist of regurgitating previous submissions and then tables from the committee’s recommendations).

Council writes –

Glen Eira will need to provide 800 dwellings (red line in Figure 1) each year to cater for the increase of 12000 households over the next 15 years.

Wrong on all counts!!!  In the first place the figure of 12,000 households does not originate from 2016, as this sentence implies, but from 2011 as calculated by data from both Victoria in Future 2015, and Thus what council has done is divide 12,000 by 15 years, instead of the 20 years specified by the government. That brings the average required addition of dwellings to 600 per year and NOT the claimed 800 per year.

Yet Glen Eira has over 2000 net new dwellings going up per year ever since the zones came in thus tripling its required net new dwellings in order to meet population growth. Nowhere in this submission will residents find any statement to this effect – unlike other councils’ submissions. In Glen Eira it is a case of the more the better, but without any thought given to ensuring that residential amenity, open space, infrastructure is capable of meeting this 300% over supply.

We urge all residents to read this council submission (uploaded here) and to ask themselves:

  • How can such poor quality be produced time and time again?
  • Why are residents deceived time and time again with faulty and incomplete data?
  • Why is there no formal resolution by COUNCIL?
  • Why can other councils produce pages and pages of well argued submissions, table their documents in council, and seek a formal resolution and this council can’t?