In 2010 Council went through the motions of a ‘review’ on its planning scheme.  The councillors who partook in this ‘review’ and remain on council are: Lipshutz, Hyams, Esakoff, Pilling, Magee and Lobo. They resolved to pass the ‘action plan’ that is pictured below (from the minutes of August 2010).

We urge readers to note the following:

  • Items highlighted in YELLOW have not been completed or even attempted as far as we know
  • Time frames (ie the ‘when’ sections) mean absolutely nothing.
  • All initiatives to be done ‘internally’ – very few reported on!

Thus, these images stand as a damning indictment of these councillors and administration. A repeat of this sham must not be allowed to happen with the current ‘review’.

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