There’s a sublime irony in council calling one of its structure planning documents the Building Transition Plan. ((uploaded HERE)According to council’s ‘vision’ the objective is to “manage the transition between housing densities’. If this is indeed the objective then we have to scratch out heads and wonder how on earth the following can even be contemplated  –

  • Potential eight storey buildings directly abutting 4 storey buildings
  • Rezoning 2 storey buildings to either 3 or 4 storey buildings and then to claim that this Manage(s) growth in a way that responds to Bentleigh’s suburban residential character.

The above comments relate to the Bentleigh structure plans, but they apply equally to Carnegie as well as Elsternwick. Here’s what’s planned in greater detail.

Translated this means –

The areas marked in green (currently zoned for 2 storeys) will now be either 3 or 4 storeys.

The areas marked as PUZ6 are designated as a potential 8 storeys. Please note that these directly abut 4 storeys – yet council has the gall to call this ‘transition’!!!!!!!