In the interests of factual reporting and honest communication with residents we highlight a comment put up by Hyams on the Residents’ Action Group Facebook page in response to the residents’ letter featured in our previous post.

I have a completely open mind about this, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the consultation, but it’s a great shame the anonymous authors of the letter chose not to mention the large areas where four storey development is now permitted that the proposed changes would reduce to two storeys or three storeys.

Now whether one believes that council has reduced the Residential Growth Zone in ‘large areas’ or not, the important considerations here are:

  • How many 4 storey developments already exist, or are up for decision in these proposed 3 storey areas?
  • What impact do the already existing 4 storey apartment blocks have on the street and is this merely a case of too little, too late – that the horse has already bolted?
  • What Hyams does not address is how many sites have now been converted from 2 storey maximum height to 3 storeys? – much less the need for such changes given that Glen Eira is well and truly surpassing its housing needs for population growth.

As the perfect example of what we are on about, council is proposing to rezone the area north of Ward St along Bent Street from 4 to 3 storeys. There are 6 blocks of land in this area – 3 of which have already been granted permits for 4 storey developments. They are –

27 – 29 Bent Street BENTLEIGH – 4 storey, 31 units

23 Bent Street BENTLEIGH – 4 storeys, 29 units

Thus 50% of this small side of the street is already 4 storeys and 60 units! But it gets worse. The East side of Bent St is currently zoned for 3 storey (ie grz2). This is now extended to 6 properties further east along Vickery street which is currently zoned for 2 storeys.

Hyams of course does not mention any of this!!!!

Here is the map and again those sites highlighted in yellow already have permits for 4 storeys. The green markings indicate those sites earmarked for 3 storey development. This is not quid pro quo – it is an expansion of development potential throughout the municipality.