We are well and truly into the era of Orwellian ‘Newspeak’ or to put it more bluntly – weasel words that mean very little but sound mighty impressive to the uninitiated or brainwashed. After months and months of deliberation(s), the so called ‘expert’ advisory panel looking at ‘open space’ along Skyrail has come up with their report.  (UPLOADED HERE).

We find it amazing that any ‘expert’ panel can produce nothing more after months and months than what we find here. Jargon is paramount (ie ‘vibrant’, ‘sustainable’, ‘place making’ etc.) whilst no clear & precise recommendations are the outcomes for the purported 11 MCG’s of ‘open space’.  It’s waffle, generalities, with no definitive outcomes or justifications. Questions of who pays for what, and time frames are of course considered beyond the scope of this report – yet fundamental we suggest!

Below we feature just one page from this report and ask readers to consider what is actually recommended –

Surely it’s not too much to ask that government and council reports, that clearly cost tens of thousands, produce results that are devoid of bureaucratic camouflage, high faluting nonsense, and instead deliver what they are supposed to – recommendations in plain English, and which are all backed up by detail, logic, and ‘evidence’ of some kind of cost-benefit analyses!!~!!!!!