Here is council’s version of the relevant stats for Carnegie and the proposed structure plan – According to the above figure the residents of Carnegie are supposed to be better off in terms of the number of properties rezoned to a lower height. As with the Bentleigh figures, the reality is far different. One example is the rezoning of Elliott Avenue and Tranmere where seven properties on the east side of Elliott Avenue will go from 4 to 3 storeys, and both sides of Tranmere will also be reduced by one storey. Nominally, that should make it 21 properties that will have a reduction in height. Sadly, it is far too late for 14 of these properties which are already set for 4 storey development. (Please note – we are counting the consolidated lots as 2 properties).

This image tells the full story – post zones.

  • No 1 Tranmere has been to VCAT. Given developers’ past history, there is always the second bite at the cherry by simply reducing the number of proposed dwellings by a handful. It will be back again.
  • Nos. 3 -7 Tranmere are currently up for sale and will have their applications in well and truly before any amendments see the light of day from council! (See: – )
  • No.8 Tranmere sold in April 2016, No.6 Tranmere in 2015 & No. 11 Tranmere sold in November 2016. Whilst these properties could possibly remain as ‘owner-occupier’ we don’t like their chances of remaining so given what is happening around them and the potential to make some major profit.

Thus Tranmere & Elliott are GONE, GONE, GONE thanks to what happened in 2013 and no revamping of the zoning at this late point in time is going to alter this fact.

So that readers fully understand the above image here is the legend –

  • Yellow infill means that permits have been granted for 4 storey developments, or will soon have applications coming in for 4 storeys.
  • The dark blue in Jersey Parade is another application currently in for 4 storeys
  • The light green represents other applications and/or permits
  • The red indicates the upgrade from 4 storeys to a potential 12 storeys.


  • Given examples like this, how much faith should residents place in council’s figures?
  • What effect will rezoning have if nothing changes in the schedules to the zones and when will council get around to actually doing anything with the schedules?
  • The destruction of these streets has been known for years yet council has tried time after time to avoid undertaking a planning scheme review. This has only happened due to Wynne’s refusal to grant another extension and the order to undertake structure planning.
  • What is the strategic justification for any of these changes? Does it make sense to impose a 12 storey height limit on residents zoned for 4 storeys? We keep hearing the nonsense about ‘right buildings in the right place’ and maintaining a ‘balance’. The only ‘balance’ we can find is an open invitation for more development and the selling off of council land!

PS: we’ve received an email from a resident telling us that nos. 7-11 Belsize Avenue has been sold to a group of developers. Anyone want to take bets on what will happen to this land?