In several recent posts we have featured the data on the number of building permits granted to Glen Eira and its neighbouring councils. Planning permits are another indicator of development. The figures below are for the 2016/17 financial year and represent NET NEW DWELLINGS and not simply a one for one replacement. It is also safe to assume that since these figures are for the last year that many would not as yet have been started and definitely not been granted their building permits.

Given that Glen Eira is part of the Inner South East group (ie Boroondara, Bayside and Stonnington) these figures again reinforce the simple fact that our council is well and truly outstripping our neighbours in terms of current and proposed development.

Here are the stats:

Glen Eira – 1806

Boroondara – 1077

Bayside – 490

Stonnington figures aren’t available for the 3rd quarter. The other quarters show – 427, 98 and 141!